With an expansive rental inventory, we look at each project with an opportunity to bring down construction costs. We can accommodate many unique stage shapes within our stock. Inquire about our round riser sections to augment the classic block designs. Velour drapes in many colors with heights up to 30’. The Electro Kabuki system replaces that annoying “big bang” of the old. Each EK module has an LED indicator showing a Red/Green status. With certified welders in house, our truss inventory is stocked with custom components for those tricky situations. Please feel free to contact us with questions about your project. See Automation tab on home page for turntables, wagons, lifts, hoist motors, etc.


  • Standard, Poly, and Plexi decking
  • Round risers from 4’ up to 48’ diameter
  • Efficient scaffold support system
  • Multiple railing, stair, and ramp options
  • Large footprint rolling solutions


  • Velour drape with sewn in fullness and blind ties
  • Cycloramas and poly silks
  • Triple E UNITRACK traveler systems
  • Triple E UNIBEAM HD scenery carrier systems
    (see Traveler in Automation)


  • Electro Kabuki, indoor/outdoor system
  • Magnetic design is virtually silent
  • 100 pound capacity from each module
  • Basic and DMX control box options
  • Single and Dual circuits for Double Drops


  • 8”, 12”, and 20.5” aluminum box truss
  • 8” aluminum ladder truss
  • 12” and 20.5” circles
  • Blocks, hinges, spacers, and base plates
  • Ballast blocks up 3,000 pounds each
  • Deck-2-Truss systems


  • Borderless walls and screens utilizing SEG track systems
  • Ability to use existing fabric or custom prints
  • Screens are suspended from the wall
  • Inquire with your dimensions, we stock many sizes
  • Fabrication in house to facilitate custom elements
  • We frequently add lighting and signage to these sets
  • All parts are crated for ease of shipping


Whether you are looking for turnkey solutions or to fulfill one aspect of your project, we are here to help.
These solutions are specifically designed for minimal drayage, tight labor budgets, and a sleek modern look.
The SEG style assembly systems are recognized throughout the industry.


  • Can be single or double sided
  • Robust frame design allows large seamless graphics
    or screens to be suspended from above
  • Interior offset for ultimate blackout liners
  • Commonly paired with our high-speed hoists
    (see Hoists in Automation)
  • All parts are crated for ease of shipping


  • Pillowcase style covers
  • Ability to print inside and outside surfaces
  • All parts are crated for ease of shipping