The Stage and Everything on it

Based in Las Vegas, working across the country.


Stage House offers many different in-house construction and rental options.

Rental Services

Staging •
Soft Goods•
Truss •
Kabuki Packages •
Rental Sets •
Scenic Automation •
And much more… •

In House Construction Services

• Drafting
• CNC Capabilities
• Scenery Automation
• LED & automation engineers
• Metal fabrication shop
• Carpentry shop
• Scenic painting & carving


Stage House is a full-service scenery and staging company.

Stage House is dedicated to bringing its clients “The stage and everything on it”. Along with our dedicated focus on turn-key show solutions, we have a large production-based rental inventory of all things related to scenery and staging.

Stage House offers a wide spectrum for scenery and staging services. With fabrication and rentals both in-house, you have more control over your budget.

Scenic automation has long been thought of as “too complex”. Bringing scenic automation and electrical fabrication in-house, we are able to seamlessly integrate our custom and rental packages into your production.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or have a wild idea, we are prepared to see your vision through to completion.


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